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Sy will explain many aspects of ’ House painting, home maintenance techniques & he advises the ‘social folkways’, that youth must understand in order to communicate in the industry.

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Collective photo history of Sy’s multiple blogging classes on Chicago Westside spanning from early 2000 up until 2012. Many of those classes we developed directly in conjunction with Chicago Google voulunteer tech Peter Anderson, Chicago computer pioneer Pierre Clark and the amazing tech-activist - Educator and paratransit advocate Dr.Ayo Maat.

In The Second Machine Age, the great software-defined businesses of tomorrow will be the ones that usher in breakthrough innovations that do new things entirely — the kind of innovation that generates new value by opening up unforeseen market opportunities: new products, new services, new ways of servicing customers, and new jobs. That’s what the first machine age was all about. Ready or not, the second machine age is already underway. And the value and disruption it will generate will stagger us all.

Bill Teuber

The Coming of the Second Machine Age

One question that lies ahead for America — for the President, the Congress, business leaders and citizens — is how to harness the creativity of the American workforce, and provide the tools eager citizens need to succeed in a volatile labor market.

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Cutting-Edge Multiple Uses of Today’s Mobile Technology……

Diverse, Yet Essential Social Media Based Components, Such As…..Mobile Site Design Service, Mobile-Cell Phone Repair, Tablet repair, & An Enourmous Collection of Exciting, Google & Google + Tips, Techniques & Creative Insights.

In Particular Helping Your Small Business, Local Organization or Your Tech Savvy Family to Design, Build & Maintain Your Very Own Custom Designed Google + Community Mothership!

Sy Bounds

CEO - Founder 

21st Century Classroom & Video Training Academy

What I admire about micro volunteering is that it takes one from standing on the sideline and it allows you to become a part of actually helping to participate in creating a better, more caring world, as opposed to just watching the negative news and giving in or giving up.

Micro volunteering is an honest, sensible gesture on one’s part to simply help others. Who can say how far the impact of one small deed will travel?

The act itself is a gift! And it is rarely less than worthy.

Sy Bounds

CEO - Founder 

21st Century Classroom & Video Training Academy

Every day is an investment
You’re not lucky to have this job, they’re lucky to have you. Every day, you invest a little bit of yourself into your work, and one of the biggest choices available to you is where you’ll be making that investment.

That project that you’re working on, or that boss you report to… worth it?

Investing in the wrong place for a week or a month won’t kill you. But spending ten years contributing to something that you don’t care about, or working with someone who doesn’t care about you… you can do better.

Seth Godin….

World Class Thinker / Author

Your marketing efforts today? – Before you even consider creating your 2014 marketing plan, have you begun to build your social network audience? What other offline / online , mobile directed marketing strategies have you considered using that need to be planned into your site?

Sy Bounds - CEO / Founder

21st Century Classroom & Video Training Academy